What is the philosophy behind Native To Wear?

We were born to live experiences, push our limits, and fully live every moment, with the right gear.

What are the principles of Italian craftsmanship embodied in Native To Wear?

We are enthusiasts of Italian craftsmanship and know-how, reflecting artisanal excellence in our work.

How does Native To Wear ensure natural thermoregulation?

We use materials that blend with silver to maintain a constant body temperature, offering natural thermoregulation during all physical activities and at rest.

What are the benefits of pure silver integrated into Native To Wear garments?

Silver counteracts bacterial proliferation and keeps the skin dry, offering antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

How does Native To Wear tackle issues related to bad odors?

The mix of yarns combined with silver prevents bacterial proliferation, eliminating all kinds of bad odors, making our products pleasant travel companions for any adventure.

How do Native To Wear shirts adapt to the body?

All our products are extremely elastic and mold perfectly around the body, offering the comfort of a second skin.

What is the role of 3D technology in Native To Wear shirts?

The shirts are designed with 3D technology that ensures the complete absence of seams, ensuring maximum comfort.

How does Native To Wear promote sustainability?

We use Oeko-Tex yarns and merino wool from mulesing-free controlled supply chains, we eliminate plastics and labels with NFC technology, and we adopt recycled cardboard packaging.

What is Native To Wear's long-term sustainability goal?

We are working to make our underwear circular and to certify it in a sustainable manner from production to disposal.

How does Native To Wear contribute to the community?

We financed the Red House in Tasiilaq, Greenland, with 10% of the proceeds from crowdfunding sales, and we are committed to becoming a B-Corp.

What are the benefits of Merino wool in Native To Wear shirts?

Merino wool offers optimal comfort, regulating moisture and body temperature, as well as being antibacterial and pleasant on the skin.

How is silk used in Native To Wear products and what benefits does it offer?

Silk is a lightweight, elastic, and tear-resistant fiber, suitable for hot and humid climates, offering freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

What makes bioceramics special in Native To Wear shirts?

Bioceramics capture and disperse the heat of infrared rays, promoting microcirculation and cellular metabolism, without compromising breathability and lightness.

How is Nomex used in Native To Wear garments and who benefits from it?

Nomex is a heat and flame-resistant fiber used by professionals working in hazardous conditions such as firefighters, pilots, and industrial workers.

What are the characteristics of Native Tech technology and how is it applied?

Native Tech is the brand dedicated to co-branding and customization, combining Native To Wear's technology with customer needs to create unique and one-of-a-kind products.