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All Sport Crew Socks

All Sport Crew Socks

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PURE SILVER: The pure silver contained in its fabric maintains a constant body temperature in both cold and hot weather. Its conductive properties allow the fabric to evenly spread out the heat produced by the body itself and to leave it unchanged even during physical activity.

This feature contributes to the reduction of muscle injuries caused by sudden changes in temperature.

MERINO WOOL: Experience the exquisite softness of merino wool in Native garments. Crafted from fine threads of small diameter, this wool not only feels luxurious on the skin but also provides optimum comfort and body heat regulation. Its natural ability to manage humidity and temperature ensures a cozy wear. Additionally, the practicality and odor-neutral feature stem from its antibacterial action. Rest easy knowing that Native garments are made with traceable yarns sourced from controlled supply chains, with the wool being a 100% natural fiber. Selected and produced with utmost care, it respects the environment and prioritizes the well-being of both people and animals.


TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Immerse yourself in the comfort of Native garments, featuring pure silver in the fabric that acts as a temperature regulator. Experience the assurance of a constant body temperature, whether in chilly conditions or under the heat of the sun. With this innovative design, Native ensures you stay comfortably cozy in cold weather and cool in the heat, embracing the versatility of pure silver-infused fabric.

HIGH FLEXIBILITY:  Harness the flexibility of Lycra woven into the fabric, enabling the crafting of garments with exceptional elasticity. These garments effortlessly conform to your body like a second skin, providing unparalleled comfort and complete freedom of movement. Experience a perfect blend of form and function, where style meets unrestricted motion in Native apparel.

BREATHABILITY:  Experience unparalleled breathability in Native garments, achieved through a meticulously crafted combination of synthetic yarn and a unique knitting process. As sweat is efficiently expelled, your skin stays comfortably dry, ensuring a refreshing sense of comfort even during breaks from physical activity. Enjoy a new level of comfort with Native's innovative design.

ANTIBACTERIAL, ANALLERGIC & ANTISTATIC:  Discover the distinctive features of Native garments, where the inclusion of silver in every piece sets our creations apart. Silver doesn't just offer an antistatic effect; it takes proactive measures against bacterial growth triggered by body sweating. Bid farewell to unwanted odors as silver imparts high antibacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics to Native apparel.

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