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Base Layer Turtleneck Long Sleeve

Base Layer Turtleneck Long Sleeve

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PURE SILVER: The pure silver contained in its fabric maintains a constant body temperature in both cold and hot weather. Its conductive properties allow the fabric to evenly spread out the heat produced by the body itself and to leave it unchanged even during physical activity.

This feature contributes to the reduction of muscle injuries caused by sudden changes in temperature.

MERINO WOOL: Merino wool is extremely soft and pleasant on the skin thanks to the fine woollen threads of small diameter. This type of wool offers comfort and ideal body heat because it can regulate humidity and temperature. It is also practical and odour-neutral due to its antibacterial action. Native garments are made with traceable yarns from controlled supply chains. The wool is a 100% natural fibre, selected and produced in a manner that respects the environment and safeguards the well-being of people and animals.


TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The pure silver contained in its fabric maintains a constant body temperature in both cold and hot weather.

HIGH FLEXIBILITY: The Lycra found in the yarn allows the creation of highly elastic garments. They mould themselves perfectly around the body like a second skin, ensuring the greatest comfort and total freedom of movement.

BREATHABILITY: Native garments are incredibly breathable thanks to the synthetic component of their yarn and the special knitting process. While the sweat is expelled outside, the skin remains dry, ensuring a pleasant sense of comfort during breaks from physical activity.

ANTIBACTERIAL, ANALLERGIC & ANTISTATIC: The properties of the silver found in every single jersey created from the fabric contribute to making Native garments unique. Silver has not only an antistatic action, but it also actively counteracts bacterial proliferation resulting from body sweating. It removes bad smells and gives Native garments high antibacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics.

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